Artist Statement

When I produce a painting that allows others to see the beauty that I see in the world around me – from the mundane to the profound and complex – I feel a surge of happiness. The act of painting relaxes, refreshes, and nourishes me. The process of painting – the act of mixing colors, applying them with different brushes, fingers, and toes on canvas or paper – stirs something deep within me and provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

One of our great American Art Teachers, Charles Hawthorne, best describes how I feel when he wrote, “Our job is to be an artist, which is to be a poet, a preacher if you will, to be of some use in the world by adding to the sum total of beauty in it. We like to do it…a painter goes out not because he wants to paint a picture, but because of the beauty and comparison of one spot of color with another, not a literary beauty, but beauty because it stirs him – an excitement, an aesthetic emotion!”

In my paintings, I am not concerned about subtexts or hidden meaning. Really, in my work, what you see is what you get; an unadultered love of the play of paint against the canvas. I use color as it comes to me – unhindered, unfettered – allowing it to flow from the palette to the canvas with the ease of the simple choice that I make in the moment. I believe that this gives my paintings a joyful, spontaneous feeling that adds to the energy and liveliness of the surface. My hope is that each viewer who stands in front of my painting can immerse themselves in the energy of happiness that I feel as I paint it.