2006 Results Gallery DC Winter Art Exhibition

on March 12, 2006
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The Mid City Artists are holding their Winter Art Exhibition at the Results Gallery at Results the Gym Capitol Hill January 17 – March 12, 2006. The Mid City Artists are a group comprising some of Washington’s most exciting artists whose talents are helping fuel the art scene in the City’s dynamic 14th & U Street Corridor’s. The diverse group of visual artists, sculptors, photographers and jewelry makers participating in the Winter Art Exhibition at Results the Gym Capitol Hill includes Sondra Arkin, Jody Bergstresser, Kristina Bilonick, Tanja Bos, Robert Cole, Gary Fisher, Glenn Fry, Charlie Jones, Betto Ortiz, Anne Marchand, Regina Miele, Mark Parascandola, Byron Peck, Brian Petro, Mary Beth Ramsey, John Talkington, Peter Alexander Romero, Mike Weber, Angela White & Christine Williams. An opening reception will be held for the artists Thursday evening January 19, 2006, 6:30 – 8:30 PM at the Results Gym, 315 G St. SE, Washington, DC 20003.

For more information, visit www.midcityartists.com .

Who are the Mid City Artists? They are a diverse and talented group of nearly 40 professional artists who have come together for the purpose of promoting their art, the Dupont/Logan neighborhoods they call home, and the burgeoning and sophisticated art scene in the Nations Capitol. It is an opportunity to integrate their art with the fast growing retail and commercial concerns that are located in this area. They are here to let you know that “there is more than a real-estate boom in Mid City – there is a group of extraordinarily talented artists who have quietly made a name for themselves by offering great art at affordable prices to the insiders who know them. The local Community has discovered this treasure, and you can discover it, too. It is New York quality art without the price tag,” says Gary Fisher one of the leaders of the group and the Art Director of the Results Gyms.

Several of the artists, such as Sondra Arkin, Nicolas Shi, Robert Cole & Anne Marchand located their studios in the area long before the neighborhood achieved its current cache. Others, such as Gary Fisher, Brian Petro and John Talkington, located to 14th Street in 2001 after getting evicted from downtown/7th Street studio space to make way for new high-priced commercial development. They became one of the first in a new wave of diverse tenants to set up shop along Washington, D.C.’s revitalized 14th Street business corridor near Logan Circle. This influential group of artists, with the support of several of the local architects and developers, was quickly followed by many of their celebrated artist colleagues and friends such as Mike Weber, Charlie Jones and Kristina Bilonick. They are all proud to be part of Mid City Artists and are helping to nurture the dynamic, high-quality arts scene in the nation’s capital. Their first visit as a group to Capitol Hill gives you the opportunity to savor the artistic talent that is blooming in our fair city.

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